Move to San Francisco - Day 2

We did a lot of driving today through Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota
and finally stopped for the night in Oacoma, South Dakota. We
weren't originally planning on it, but I finally talked Dan into a
northern detour up to see Mount Rushmore, woohoo! I've always wanted
to see it so tomorrow will be the day. Didn't see too many exciting
sites today…it was really just a day for driving. However, to recap
we crossed the Mississippi River, and drove by the world's largest
truckstop (I know you are bummed, but no pictures of that, ha). Then
we stopped in Mitchell, South Dakota for dinner which we now know is
home to the famous Corn Palace so we stopped to take a few pictures.
Pretty cheesy stuff, but I was thrilled to get out of the car and see
some true Americana. ;-) We also crossed the Missouri River…our hotel
is just on the other side of the river.