Day 8 - Grand Canyon

Yesterday was our Grand Canyon day which was spectacular. It’s hard
to fathom its size but we couldn’t even see the bottom from the North
Rim. Then we drove to Las Vegas where we are spending the day and
finishing up our trip. It was 108 degrees as we were driving here.
The low last night was 90 degrees…unbelievably hot! But a dry heat
thankfully… :)

Day 7 - Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 7 and we left Moab Utah and Arches. We drove through Capitol Reef
National Park and visited Bryce Canyon where all the pictures are
from. Tonight we are just south of Zion National Park and north of
the Grand Canyon…both on the radar for tomorrow or the next day, still
figuring that out. :) Lots and lots of driving today, had to go about
50 miles out of the way due to construction but such is life! Saw lots
of mule deer which Max really thought was fun…probably his highlight
of the day. Anyway, we are enjoying the sites and the diversion from
a long, long trip to San Francisco. There really is a lot of
beautiful stuff to see in our country.

Day 5 - Rocky Mt. National Park/Moab Utah

Day 5 and we left Estes Park, CO and drove through the Rocky Mountain
National Park on Trail Ridge Road which is the highest continuous
highway in the United States reaching 12,183 ft. past the tree line
into the tundra. The pictures really don't do justice to the
incredible views. 51 degrees was the coldest temperature reading we
got. Dan did a great job not careening off the road down a cliff,
although I was worried. :)

Then we continued on to Moab, Utah taking a scenic byway (red rock
pictures are from Utah) where it was 96 degrees today, crazy
temperature difference. Tomorrow we'll see some arches!